Russia Just Issued THIS Threat To The U.S. – But Will The U.S. Engage?

Russia has been testing the United States recently with several reckless maneuvers like buzzing our warships and coming dangerously close to our planes in the Baltic Sea region. But don’t worry, folks – I am sure Obama won’t let anything bad happen to us.


From Young Conservatives:

Obama hasn’t done anything about it of course and when he was on the phone with Putin he didn’t even bring it up.

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Not only is Putin not softening his tone but he is getting more aggressive and just issued a stern threat to the United States.

From Weasel Zippers via Yahoo:

Russia accused the United States on Wednesday of intimidation by sailing a U.S. naval destroyer close to Russia’s border in the Baltics and warned that the Russian military would respond with “all necessary measures” to any future incidents.

Speaking after a meeting between NATO envoys and Russia, their first in almost two years, Moscow’s ambassador to NATO said the April 11 maritime incident showed there could be no improvement in ties until the U.S.-led alliance withdrew from Russia’s borders.

“This is about attempts to exercise military pressure on Russia,” the envoy, Alexander Grushko, said. “We will take all necessary measures, precautions, to compensate for these attempts to use military force,” he told reporters.
You would think that if Russia actually did cross the line and do something serious we would retaliate.


It’s been pretty depressing watching Russia walk all over the United States over the last 7 years and do basically anything they want.

Remember when they invaded one of our allies and we did absolutely nothing about it?

That was fun.

At this point, Putin probably feels like there isn’t anything he can’t do and based on the way we have acted over the past 7 years – it’s hard to blame him.

This is part of the reason that many Americans are sick and tired of Obama and cannot wait for him to be out of office. Putin thinks he can do whatever he wants to America and nothing will happen – and the scariest thing is, he may be right.

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