Russian boy and girl, both 15, livestream shootout before killing themselves [VIDEO]

Russian boy and girl, both 15, livestream shootout before killing themselves [VIDEO]


This story is completely tragic. And what makes it even worse is how much of the story seems to be missing. There are so many holes in the story. These two young people ran away together. And end up dead, apparently from mutual suicide. It sounds like a really tragic modern day “Romeo and Juliet.” But for this young woman and young man it is their reality.

The last thing heard from the young man is a post on social media in which he wrote: “I loved you, but you do not notice how you destroyed my mind and life.”

“Goodbye all, friends and family, and acquaintances.”

“Do not worry, I will go out in style.”

“Good luck to all in your life and please do not be afraid to live as you want or you see fit. Life is for fun – this is the best life.”

“I love you.”

Both of these children were just fifteen years-old.

The young man also added: “If we don’t surrender, we die. But if we surrender, we will never see each other again.”

Apparently the ordeal began when they were forbidden by the girl’s mother from attending a sleep-over together. In this altercation, the young man allegedly shot the mother in the leg out of anger. The two then retreated and barricaded themselves inside a home with a handful of guns. When the police arrived, they fired outside the window at the police outside. Luckily none of the police officials were injured.

Throughout the entire process, the young children were live streaming the entire experience. From pictures to videos to responding to messages from friends, they didn’t seem too phased by the situation. It is a tragedy for sure. Especially when you consider how incredibly young these two were.

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