Russian Millennials Arrested For Adopting Cats & Dogs, Torturing Them And Posting It On Social Media [VIDEO]

Russian Millennials Arrested For Adopting Cats & Dogs, Torturing Them And Posting It On Social Media [VIDEO]

Two young millennial girls have been caught, with one arrested, on suspicion of torturing and killing cats and dogs, only to post up the evidence of the heinous acts online.


One of the sadistic photos shown to be produced by the girls is of a cute white kitten with a look of utter fright in its eyes as one of the girls holds a Tanto bladed knife to its face.

Alina Orlova, 21, was apprehended in Vladivostok where she was waiting for a connecting flight.

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She and her friend Alena Savchenko, 19, who goes by the name Kristina Hemp on her social media sites and wears Gothic movie-style makeup and contact lenses, supposedly posted photographs and videos of their ‘bloodlust’ in the form of satanic torture and murder of cats and dogs. Orlova however claims that it’s a set up and that the pictures are phony.

She said, ‘I would like to speak in my defense… I do not know who has put this stuff to the Internet – it is not the first time somebody wants to frame me. But I did not kill anyone and do not intend to kill.’

The hideous images supposedly display one dog nailed to a wall as if it had been crucified and another dog wall hanging by its neckband and then shot with an air gun.

Other animal corpses are seen dead in other photos that were posted to various sites – including a cat which the girls appear to ‘operate’ on by cutting it open and pulling its internal organs right out.

They were finally caught and arrested when folks found the photos and videos online.


Local residents were fed up with the abuse and called the police to do something about the innocent animals being tortured and killed by the girls, who both happen to be students. The girls claim that they adopt unwanted animals which they then take care of.

Uh huh…

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