S.C. teacher bites off teen’s tongue during attempted rape in her home

by Rachel Alexander | October 24, 2015 4:49 pm

It seems there is never an end to the crazies. A 16-year old young man attempted to rape a 33-year old woman in her home in South Carolina, but she fought back by biting off his tongue.[1]

The New York Daily News reports,

“Stop fighting and I won’t hurt you,” Antoine Miller, who’s charged as an adult in the case, allegedly told the 33-year-old woman after tackling her while armed with a knife, the Smoking Gun reported.

When she opened her door, she said Miller grabbed her and carried her to a bedroom where his attempt to take her shorts off was met with a kick in the groin.

“Now you have to die!” he allegedly screamed before making the painful decision to stuff his tongue into her mouth.

That’s when the woman said she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”

Her assailant was sent scurrying from her room, as she spit his tongue out on the kitchen floor.

Miller’s mother alerted police to her son’s whereabouts when she called asking for help because he didn’t have a tongue.

He was charged with felony counts of criminal sexual conduct, assault, burglary, and weapons possession.

Kudos to this brave woman, who probably was smaller and weaker than this violent rapist and could have lost her life. Let’s hope this sick man gets the justice he deserves.

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