Saddam’s Neck In The Noose

by John Hawkins | December 5, 2002 7:09 pm

Saddam’s Neck In The Noose: We’re three days away from the 8th, the date Saddam has to declare all of his weapons of mass destruction and it’s looking like the El Presidente isn’t going to come clean. That’s not a big surprise — I predicted as much back on November 19th[1]…

“So since Bush isn’t going back to the UN Security Council now (after Iraq fired on our planes), that tells me he believes he has an ace in the hole coming up in December. My best guess is that we either believe Saddam is going to claim he has no WMD or he’s going to drastically under report what he has. Then, we’re going to send the inspectors to sites all over Iraq right after the 12/08/02 deadline where they’ll either be obstructed or will prove Saddam is lying. At that point we go back to the UN Security Council, they’ll get on board for an attack, and we’ll be ready to invade by January with all of our weak kneed allies on board. “

Things are going to quickly come to a head if and when Saddam declares he has nothing — since we know a lot more about what he has than we’ve been letting on. Here’s a quote from today’s Washington Times[2]…

“U.S. officials said the administration has been withholding detailed intelligence on hidden Iraqi arms programs from U.N. inspectors. The information deals mostly with Iraq’s covert chemical and biological arms.
“We do not want to tip our hand,” the official said.
One piece of intelligence includes details on a cache of more than 1,800 gallons of anthrax spores, the officials said. Even tiny amounts of anthrax can be lethal. Less detailed intelligence has been gathered on Iraq’s efforts to build nuclear weapons, the officials said.
The intelligence on the hidden weapons is said to be reliable and will be used to verify whether information presented by Iraq in its declaration is accurate.”

So very soon I wouldn’t be surprised to see Iraq caught in a very embarrassing trap. Either the inspectors will run across a huge cache of WMD or Iraq will refuse to let the inspectors into a site containing them. Then Bush will go back the UN Security Council and it’ll be time to get down to the business of putting Saddam on a slab. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ll have a UN Security Council Resolution supporting an Iraqi invasion before the end of the year. Time will tell if I’m right…

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