Sally Kohn: Conservatives Feel BANNED From Speaking On campus? ‘That’s A Good Thing’ [VIDEO]

Sally Kohn: Conservatives Feel BANNED From Speaking On campus? ‘That’s A Good Thing’ [VIDEO]

The University of Missouri held a two day symposium on campus free speech. It featured a debate between Liberal activist Sally Kohn and Journalist Kirsten Powers, author of the book, The Silencing; How the Left is Killing Free Speech. Kohn, in her trademark condescending way, said that she thought Conservatives didn’t deserve free speech.

Kohn made the completely ridiculous point that words which seem fine to middle or upper-class whites, may be deeply threatening to poor and non-white communities. She went on to say if a person says they feel certain speech is unsafe, they should be believed. So let’s see, if someone does not like what you have to say, you should not be able to say it? Does Kohn even get what free speech is? It exists to protect speech that people don’t want to hear. Speech that people want to hear needs no protection. And what does any of this have to do with race?

While Powers did her level best to answer Kohn’s nonsensical assertions, there really is no way to combat such foolishness. Kohn spewed a yawningly predictable diatribe against the usual objects of a Liberal’s hatred. And no doubt it sounded something like this:

“The Koch brothers…blah blah blah…evil conservatives…yada yada yada…the Koch brothers…vast right wing conspiracy…blah blah blah…the Koch brothers…safe spaces…blah blah blah…Conservatives deserve to be silenced.” That pretty much sums up the “argument” of any Liberal.

Do people like Ms. Kohn ever tire of the lies and nonsense? She defended the free speech rights of campus protesters who, in their immature pursuit of not having to hear any dissenting opinions, try to shut down conservative speakers on campus, but says those same Conservative speakers don’t themselves have any right to free speech since they would be speaking against Liberalism. And we can’t have that, don’tcha know! Can someone please explain the difference between Communists and the thought process of Kohn and others like her? There isn’t one…only a difference in the amount of power. And we can only hope a person like Sally Kohn never gets any real power.

Kohn is an embarrassment to the American spirit. She preaches ignorance, suppression of free speech and arrogantly condemns all who fail to march in lockstep with Liberals like her. She is exhibit A as to why we need our free speech. Otherwise, who will answer her lies? Kudos to Powers and her calm attempt at injecting common sense into the ‘debate’. But America’s campuses are no longer a place for the free exchange of ideas. They are training centers for Leftist ideology.

Kohn said about Conservatives on campus: “If they feel like they can no longer speak against positive social change, good.”

Hey Sally, there’s nothing ‘progressive’ about shutting down the ability of Conservative Americans to speak freely. That’s regressive. And just what we’ve come to expect from you and your ilk; snide arrogant assertions that the only ones who should be able to speak freely are Liberals.

See video of Ms. Powers talking about her book below.

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