Santa Gets Greenwashed

by Van Helsing | December 23, 2008 11:47 am

Not even Santa Claus can stand above the rising tide of enviromoonbattery that has been swamping every nook and cranny of our culture. The Culture and Media Institute[1] reports on the new children’s book Santa Goes Green[2]:

“You see, it’s like this Santa,” the book reads. “I’ve adopted a polar bear named Leopold. He is in danger of losing his home. I’m sure you being in the North Pole you know about the melting glaciers. All I want this year Santa, is to save Leopold and his home.”

Santa Claus visits the boy, takes him to see the polar bear and then in a moment of eco-awakening, he makes his operations at the North Pole green.

“They arrived back at the North Pole and Santa had a grand idea,” the book reads. “He leaned in toward Swift [the head elf] and told him his new plan. ‘We will collect all of the old toys, Swift, and make them new again. We will reuse last year’s wrapping paper. And we will harness the great North Pole wind to help power up the toy shop.'”

Econazis are wise to direct their propaganda at small children, who will soon be the only people gullible enough to buy into the global warming swindle if temperatures continue to plunge.

At least the cover is heartwarming:


For a more accurate depiction of how polar bears interact with little boys, here’s Cute Knut[3]:


Some people have to spend their entire lives trying to sort out the lies they’re fed as little kids.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit[4]; on a tip from Burning Hot[5]. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[6].

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