Sarah Silverman Compares ‘The Great Depression’ To Trump Presidency, Then Vet. SCHOOLS Her!

Sarah Silverman Compares ‘The Great Depression’ To Trump Presidency, Then Vet. SCHOOLS Her!

Sarah Silverman is back in the news again and this time it’s over an ignorant Tweet, go figure. During this last Presidential campaign, she was pretty early in the bag for Bernie Sanders and she was ANYTHING but a Donald Trump supporter. Apparently, she didn’t like the outcome of that election and compared Trump’s upcoming presidency to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Sarah Silverman arrives at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills

Well, one veteran of the War on Terror felt the need to give her a reality check.

Silverman’s frankness against Donald Trump comes as no surprise, but comparing the “emotional & physical breakdown” after an election to The Great Depression might be the exaggeration of the century.

Now there were plenty of Twitter users who disagreed wholeheartedly and believed that Silverman’s comparison was historically incorrect. One veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart taught her what real rage and fear looks like:

Silverman’s response was respectful, yet she compared the children of military members to kids of survivors of the Holocaust.

Parnell understandably felt that the point he was trying to make was going right over Silverman’s head, so he decided to take a different approach and responded with this:

The Tweet-off was short-lived, but gave a strong notion of the strikingly contrary reactions by Silverman and Parnell to misfortune.

Silverman’s message seems to focus on how a bad situation can really just get a hold of you and drag you down, ‘forcing’ you to give up. While Parnell’s message tries to remind people that the worst situations are the only situations that can really build character and move humankind to do the impossible.


In a closing tweet, Parnell wrote:

“Experience of war certainly shaped me. Made me stronger & more empathic [sic] to the feelings of others. But I’m not a victim of those experiences.”

These are two opposite sides of handling this thing called life. Which way you choose to go is up to you and no one else.

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