‘Satanic Temple’ Founder Claims After School Kid’s Program ‘Sends Positive Message’

‘Satanic Temple’ Founder Claims After School Kid’s Program ‘Sends Positive Message’

The Satanic Temple has been in the news lately, waging religious battles along a variety of fronts nationwide and its co-founder says it’s only just the beginning.

Lucien Greaves

This organization is 3 years-old and is fighting on the political front to get a nearly 9-foot, 1.5-ton statue of the goat-headed idol Baphomet to be placed on the Arkansas capitol grounds as a contrast to a planned Ten Commandments monument that will be erected there.

Not wanting to be outdone, the members of the Satanic Temple have been pushing to install ‘After School Satan’ clubs in elementary schools from Oregon to Georgia where evangelical Christian ‘Good News Clubs’ are operating and where of course, everyone can be on a level footing…

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Ah! It’s great to be a Satanist in America, ain’t it?

These members have also been fighting for city councils from Alaska to Massachusetts to allow Satanists to give the opening prayer at public meetings — just like any of the other religious sects – Christian, Jewish, etc.

The Temple’s Co-founder Lucien Greaves and his Satanic Temple members have scheduled an open house for an ‘After School Satan’ club at an elementary school in Portland, Oregon.

‘We’re not interested in turning kids away from their Christian background, we really want this to be enriching. We’re not going to proselytize or make ham-fisted religious tirades. Our curriculum does not contain items of religious opinion. It contains fun activities premised on critical thinking, reasoning skills and the scientific, rationalist view of the world.’

Greaves believes the club sends a ‘positive message’ to the children.

‘I’d say it sends a positive message that it’s called the ‘After School Satan’ club and that it’s run by people who self-identify as Satanists. It’s helpful for children to see that people can hold diametrically opposed religious points of view, but still be good, productive members of society, be noncriminal and friendly.’


The Satanic Temple has been the topic of much unfavorable judgment — but Greaves believes it is due to misinformation.

‘The Satanic Temple has seven tenets that describe our belief system. Personal autonomy, freedom of belief, scientific rationalism — those are really the core of the tenets. They say very little about Satan or why you would identify as a Satanist. … The tenets are meant to be universal.’

These people aren’t Satanists…They’re just bored.

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