Satanist Wife Angry That Husband Went to Orgies Without Her… So She Did THIS

by Just An American | October 28, 2015 8:15 am

A Russian Satanist who called her firstborn son Lucifer[1] has refused her partner’s request to name their second child after a vampire – to punish him for going to too many orgies. Because…that would make them even…?


Natalia Menshikova, 25, and her partner Konstantin made headlines around the world when they named Lucifer last year.

She said at the time: ‘I wanted to name him Lucian, but my husband wanted another name.

‘My labour was very complicated, and I promised that if the baby survived, we’d call him Lucifer. All went well, so I kept my promise.’


Employees at the registry office in the city of Perm, in Central Russia’s Perm Krai region, tried to convince the young parents not to name the boy Lucifer, although they had no legal grounds to decline the registration of the child’s unusual name.

A short while later, after the victory over the registry office, she had a high-profile bust up with her Satanist lover because she was fed up with him going to orgies with other women.

She said: ‘He also wasn’t bringing any money into the house, he was drinking too much and never turned up for work as a painter and decorator.’

He told local media that drinking and organising orgies with other women were simply part of his religious beliefs as a Satanist, but it failed to impress Natalia who was left at home looking after baby Lucifer.


She said: ‘I would not have minded having a few orgies of my own, but I couldn’t find anybody and I tried online dating sites.

‘But when I said I was a single mother with a son called Lucifer, they broke off all connection.’

She even got so annoyed that she dumped him, but then the pair got back together and she became pregnant again.

However when the boy was born and her partner suggested calling their second child Lestat, she refused his request to punish him for his old habits.

Lestat was the name of the Lord of the undead played by Tom Cruise in the hit movie Interview With The Vampire.


The film is based on the novel of the same name which written by Anne Rice.

Instead, she chose the name Voldemar, which does not have any evil connotations, and is regarded as a normal male name in Russia.

The young woman, who still resides in Perm, with her partner and son, said the new name for the second boy implied independence and she wanted to get away from stereotypes about her religion.

She said: ‘I think people seem to think that we modern day Satanists go around drinking blood and organising orgies, listening to heavy metal and destroying things, but that’s not the case.’

She went into labour prematurely on the 37th week of her pregnancy and doctors were forced to deliver Voldemar by Cesarean section came into the world after that without complications.

The mother says that her older child who behaves like the sweetest boy in the world feels already very attached to his younger sibling.

She said: ‘He spends hours stroking his head as if Voldemar was a cat.’

These are parents responsible for two young boys. God save them.

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