Saturday Night Live Hilariously Mocks Second Debate [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live Hilariously Mocks Second Debate [VIDEO]


Saturday Night Live was the darling of mid 1970’s television when it premiered and on into the 80’s it remained funny and irreverent in ways that were relevant to a large segment of the populace. The show has a long proud history of mocking politics, often in legendarily humorous ways. They mocked both sides of the aisle mercilessly and fairly equally. Many adults have fond and hilarious memories of various presidential skits over the years.

But then SNL began to get serious about their own political perspective. And that bias, which is 100% Progressive Liberal as per most media and entertainment outlets, began to creep into their treatment of politics on the show. Soon we began to see skits that savagely mocked the Right but gave the Left a lighthearted, almost goofy, treatment.

And this bias is no more clearly displayed than in their latest attempt at comedy. SNL spoofed the second Presidential debate. And their product is 100% biased, aimed at getting Mrs. Clinton elected. No more does SNL even try to appeal to the average taxpaying hardworking American. They aim solely at the young hip urban voter. And that is evident simply by turning SNL on, on any given Saturday. Most of what you’ll see simply isn’t funny and the rest has a liberal agenda.

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Gone are the days of hilarity for all Americans. SNL is now a closed club for Progressives. Hey SNL, most of us stopped watching years ago. If we wanted an extra long political ad for Hillary, we’d go to her website. Keep pumping out the mediocrity. Not many are watching and you certainly are not changing any minds. Video of skit below:

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