Say What? Maxine Waters Tells Islamic Society That Shariah Law is Compatible with US Constitution (Video)

by Duane Lester | September 17, 2014 10:01 pm

This woman is a danger to freedom.

Doug Ross[1] writes:

Shariah does not accept separation of church and state.

Shariah Law controls, rules and regulates all public and private behavior. It has regulations for personal hygiene, diet, sexual conduct, and elements of child rearing. It also prescribes specific rules for prayers, fasting, giving to the poor, and many other religious matters. Civil Law and Common Law primarily focus on public behavior, but both also regulate some private matters.

Shariah Law can be used in larger situations than guiding an individual’s behavior. It can be used as a guide for how an individual acts in society and how one group interacts with another. The Shariah Law can be used to settle border disputes between nations or within nations. It can be used to settle international disputes, conflicts and wars. This Law does not exclude any knowledge from other sources and is viewed by the Muslim world as a vehicle to solve all problems civil, criminal and international.

While Shariah only applies to Muslims, how does the United States allow it alongside our own laws and maintain our integrity as a nation?

The United States has a law and it’s called the Constitution. We do have separation of church and state. Another irresolvable conflict.

Doug did an impressive takedown of Waters’s comments. You should read it all.[2]

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit[3]

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