SC Woman felt “disrespected” by her family, so she barricaded the doors & set the house on fire

SC Woman felt “disrespected” by her family, so she barricaded the doors & set the house on fire

Uh wow, this is incredible. If there is one thing I learned from this news, it’s DON’T make Willie Mae McQuilla angry. She may be 67-yrs-old, but she’s certainly a fiery little devil with strength enough to lock her family in a house if she has to. After locking them inside, she torched her own home. There are so many angles of ‘wrong’ on this one I can hardly count them all…

Tequila McQuilla as I like to call her (no reason, it just rhymes and a person with such a notorious crime needs a notorious name) is from South Carolina. She was arrested on charges of arson AND attempted murder after authorities say she set her house on fire and trapped her family inside. She was was taken into custody on Saturday after supposedly admitting to torching her home in Sumter County when responding deputies stopped to question her. The authorities have multiple people who identified McQuilla as the suspect.

Luckily, according to Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, the McQuilla’s family members; her husband and two grown children, were able to escape without injury.

The incident took place shortly before 5pm on Saturday when a call came in about a house fire in progress at 2290 Highway 261 South in Wedgefield.
Other 911 calls identified McQuilla as the alleged arsonist.
As firefighters headed to the scene, a sheriff’s deputy stopped McQuilla for questioning, at which point she reportedly confessed to the crime.
A spokesperson for the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office revealed to the Daily Mail on Monday that McQuilla told the officer ‘she was tired of being disrespected.’

Tired and disrespected??? wait… that’s ALL it takes to get so crazy mad, you burn the house down? Now the whole family is looking for a new place to live and in the meantime the Red Cross has been assisting the displaced individuals from the fire. Tequila McQuila has a clean dry place to stay in the Sumter-Lee Detention Center to await her bond hearing.

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