School BANS Students From Displaying US Flags on Cars

by Morgan Freeberg | September 14, 2014 6:30 pm

Brave, loyal, diligent school administrators keeping us safe[1]…from…something.

On Your Side was contacted by several upset parents who say Woodruff High School students were made to take down American flags from their vehicles on September 11.

Spartanburg District 4 Superintendent Rallie Liston said four students arrived at the school Thursday morning with U.S. flags propped up on poles in their pickup truck beds.

The school’s principal, Aaron Fulmer, confiscated the flags because he said it is against district policy to “draw attention” to one’s vehicle.

Mmmm, hmmm…yes, we can’t have that. Uh, waitaminnit; flying the American flag from something draws attention to that thing?

Uh, that doesn’t even make sense. Think about, what are the last three occasions on which you saw Old Glory flying from something? Can you recall the object, or the location, to which the banner was attached? If you could, it wouldn’t be a very good emblem for our country or for anything else.

Well at least Principal Fulmer didn’t go for the typical “someone might be offended” excuse.

The flags were returned to the students at the end of the day.

The students were not punished.

Fulmer tells us officials are meeting with student council next week to look into a possible policy revision.

The way I could interpret this that is most charitable toward the feckless school administrators is: Some obnoxious and mind-numbing protest about “equal treatment” from a student who’d been busted on an earlier occasion under this very questionable policy. “If you make me take the spinning rims off my ride then you have to make these other guys take down their flags.” Even that doesn’t absolve them though, this would be a protest that should’ve been laughed right out of the office. National colors are not the same as gang colors.

I wonder if they’d be talking about a policy revision, if they didn’t receive the publicity.

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