School Cruelly Forces 6-year-old Boy to Eat Lunch Alone as Punishment After Parents Drop Him Off at School Late [VIDEO]

by Rachel Alexander | March 1, 2015 1:11 pm

trdyby[1]Little six-year-old Hunter Cmelo was required to sit behind a cardboard divider by himself to eat lunch after his parents were tardy dropping him off at Lincoln Elementary School in Grants Pass, Oregon. His grandmother posted photos of the lonely little guy on Facebook, which went viral.

The Daily Mail reported on the incident, and what the grandmother posted,

‘This is my grandson, Hunter. He’s a little first grader,’ she wrote. ‘His momma’s car sometimes doesn’t like to start right up. Sometimes he’s a couple of minutes late to school.

‘Yesterday, he was 1 minute late and this is what his momma discovered they do to punish him! They have done this to him 6 times for something that is out of his control! They make a mockery of him in front of the other students.’

She said that his mother found Hunter crying and took him home. His parents said they were devastated when they found out what their son was going through.

They are shaming him for something that’s not in his control,’ his father, Mark Cmelo, told KOIN6. ‘It is our fault that he is late.’

His mother, Nicole Garloff, said the punishment has left her son anxious about going to school, and that a few days ago, he began ‘flipping out’ because they were running late. She said that she has experienced car troubles and suffers from osteoporosis, which can set her back in the mornings.

‘It causes a lot of pain and in the mornings it’s especially hard for me to get going,’ she said.

While it is true that many schools have become too light on disciplining students in recent years, it is unfair to punish very young children for something their parents did. There is no bus available since the boy lives too close to the school, almost a mile away, and because of traffic and the boy’s age he cannot walk alone. Fortunately, the Facebook post caused an outcry and the school backed down and says they will no longer be disciplining children like this. Watch the video below.

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