School Has ‘Villain Day’…So Students Dress Up As Cops…

School Has ‘Villain Day’…So Students Dress Up As Cops…

This is stupidity beyond recognition. Parents are upset after a homecoming spirit day went very, very wrong. Usually spirit days during homecoming week consist of crazy hair day or wild sock day… some ‘genius’ in administration approved ‘dress as your favorite villain’ day. What could go wrong?


It started as any normal Wednesday at Bartlett High where students were invited to dress as villains. The school thought it was a great idea to allow the kids to dress as a favored bad guy… yes, very well thought out. Parents started seeing pictures of their children dressed as police officers, Trump, Hitler. The kids chose varying degrees of ‘villain’. But then the kids did what kids do… they went too far. Obviously, dressing as Hitler is the worst faux paux in nearly any circle. THEN kids bringing in their Black Lives Matter politics and dressing like police Officers? One mom says that, “The Hitler person was standing in the building of Bartlett High and saluting.” Another parent complained saying, “The kid dressed in the Hitler outfit, to me that is just totally out of line for this day and age and for everything that is happening. It offends a large group of people.”

Local news station WREG started having call-ins about the pictures going around social media. One parent even saw a “slave master person in uniform and we can see the school in the background, we see children with Bartlett High shirts on.”

It was reported that only the student who was wearing a police officer costume was asked to change for disrupting the the learning environment.


The school released this statement about the costume controversy. Bartlett City Schools said hallways and classrooms were heavily monitored throughout the day, but they never saw or received complaints about the other controversial costumes in question.

“They say they didn’t see it, whether they saw it or not, we saw it, and that’s a problem,” Miller said. “Those pictures were taken at the school not off of school grounds.”

During homecoming week, each day has a theme. Those are picked by the student government and supervised by administration.

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