[VIDEO] Schoolgirl Gives Teacher a Lesson He Won’t Forget After Public Humiliation

by McGuire | January 9, 2015 11:21 pm

Some people really shouldn’t be teachers. How this abusive jerk ever got to be one is a mystery, but, this is Russia, after all. Who knows what goes on there? Anyways, this little girl sure gives this clown a taste of his own medicine when she has finally had enough from him: [1]


In this video, a Russian teacher is going on and on about the pupil’s supposedly endless transgressions. Here’s a translation of what’s going on:

Teacher: “Very well. Tell me… what lesson are we having today? What lesson did you come to? What lesson are we having today? Which?

Girl whispers: “English.”

Teacher: “English! Very good. And in the English language, are there any pronouns? Yes, there are. Tell me please, what is this?”

Girl says: “I.”

Teacher: What letter is this? Read. What letter is it? What is this? WHAT IS THIS?”

Girl: “You.”

Teacher: “You! Good job. Finally. And ‘you’ is what? Well? You is… (pause) You is ‘toy’ (Russian word for ‘you.’)”

Repeats it and pokes her head. Repeats it and poker her in the head yet again.

Teacher: “You don’t need to…”

Famous last words, right before the girl rears back and gives him a swift kick in a place that definitely got his attention.


Way to kick butt, little girl. Or maybe we should say, way to kick nuts:

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