Schools Use Tax-Payer Funds To Provide Snowflake Students/Staff With Counselling After Trump WIN!

by Alexandria Willis | November 11, 2016 2:17 am


For better or for worse, this election has scared a lot of people. So many people are scared by the results of the election. Whether it is legitimate or (in my opinion) if it is a fear created by the media, people are afraid. And that is real. Warranted or not, it is real. And that is exactly what this high school portrays.

Dear Boston Public Schools Family,

Our country is experiencing historic change today. There will be much conversation around the results of yesterday’s presidential election. Many of our students and fellow educators are still processing the outcome. It is important today to be strong for our students and each other. We honor our democratic values and traditions and we will carry on with our mission to educate, support and prepare our students for success.

The coming days and weeks may be challenging for many, and celebratory for others. As educators, we should use this opportunity as a teachable moment to have conversations with our students about the democratic process, how we can resolve differences and conflicts, and how we can address diverse and sometimes conflicting ideology. We need to remember our Culture of We as we continue our vital work. We must ensure that our students feel safe by providing safe and respectful learning communities.

Is this ridiculous to anyone else? Or is it legitimate? They are offering all of the students counseling. Is this necessary? Students need to feel safe. And if this is handled well, it can be a learning and growing experience for our nation. We have to be willing to heal and move forward.


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