Schwarzenegger Says Enough Is Enough: ‘Come Together, Stop Whining And Support Donald Trump’ [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | December 16, 2016 3:09 am


Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a couple of things pretty clear. And I cannot help but feel pretty strongly that he is spot on the money. When Donald Trump began his campaign, I was shocked. I only knew him as the guy with bad hair, who is from The Apprentice. And to be honest, as the campaign went on, I became more disenchanted with the man. I felt uncomfortable with the way he talked about my gender, women. It scared me the way he generalized races and religions. I was worried when he continued to pull more and more votes from a divided and fragmented Republican Party.

Full disclosure: I did not vote for him. I wrote a name onto the ballot.

But he is our President. And I am, frankly, relieved that he won over Hillary Clinton.

Now, if you are valiantly on either side of aisle, then let me say this.

If you are the right and you loved Trump…

I understand. I understand being fed up. I understand struggling financially. I understand feeling like a forgotten figure in a world full of demographics. I understand feeling betrayed by your party and wanting an outlier. I understand this election wasn’t about moral clarity, it was about survival. And I do not begrudge your vote. I do not think you are racist or sexist for voting for Trump. I will not label you like that.

And if you are on the left…

I understand being disappointed and disheartened that Trump won. Except for me it was when he won the primary election. I genuinely get the #NeverTrump views. I do. I get it.

But to you, Schwarzenegger has a pretty important message. For you and for me something changed when Trump was elected…

“What changed is that now he is elected and now it is very important that we support the President and that we come together and we stop whining, and it becomes one nation,” Schwarzenegger told host Matt Lauer.

“When someone is elected, then you get 100 percent behind them and you help them shape the future,” he said. “It’s very hard for people to do that, but that’s the effort we all have to make.”

We have to work to unify. We can do it.

He is our President. Let’s take the higher road.

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