Seattle Seahawks Consider Doing Something Horrible To National Anthem During 9/11 Game…

Seattle Seahawks Consider Doing Something Horrible To National Anthem During 9/11 Game…

Alright listen here you disrespectful little turf-tramplers, nobody is paying you to make stupid political statements. We pay to watch you carry a ball from one end of a patch of grass to the other and jump on other men in tight pants.

That’s it. So the fact that you’re considering sitting out on our nation’s anthem on one of the most important dates in American history is not only appalling, but it’s going to backfire big time. You see, there are more patriotic Americans in America than there are Seahawks fans. Your disrespect toward our country on the date of the deaths of 3000 Americans at the hands of violent jihadists is going to sign the end of your careers.


Now, nobody is arguing their right to do this. They have the right to be stupid on a massive scale.

Our issue is that it is extremely rude to those who have fought and lost family members and friends, as well as to those who realize that they would not receive these same opportunities in almost any other country in the world.

It’s easy to tell people that America is horrible while receiving million dollar paychecks every year and not being faced with the same reality that middle-class Americans deal with daily.

The National Anthem isn’t about agreeing with every single thing that happens in America. If I didn’t stand for our flag every time a fellow American did something I disagreed with, I’d never stand. But I do.

Know why? Because it’s not about me. It’s about the idea that this is the best nation on the planet, full of opportunity and hope and light and the promise of a better life. It’s about an idea that is bigger than any individual person.

Receiver Doug Baldwin said after practice yesterday that he is considering joining Lane in sitting for the anthem on Sunday, when Seattle opens up its season at home against the Dolphins, but that he first wants “to make sure I get all of my ducks in a row before I do so.” What does that mean? Baldwin said it has been discussed in the locker room, and LB Bobby Wagner intimated that any protest would be made en masse.

While Wagner said he didn’t know if he would sit down during the anthem he said “anything we want to do, it’s not going to be individual. It’s going to be a team thing. That’s what the world needs to see. The world needs to see people coming together versus being individuals.”

Wagner said he couldn’t say exactly what the team might do, saying “whatever we decide to do will be a big surprise.”

Well isn’t that sweet, you’re going to crash and burn as a team.

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