See the Video of Trump That the Media Is HIDING

See the Video of Trump That the Media Is HIDING

It seems the only side of Donald Trump that the media wants to portray is the side they create through their perfected skill of storytelling…a piece of him from this moment, with a piece of him from that moment, to create something wildly inaccurate. Of course…that’s just how it goes with liberal owned mainstream media right? is a side they refuse to show of Trump that has always been there, and WE are going to share it with you!

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, mainstream media outlets have their best to paint Donald Trump as a villain somewhere on the spectrum between Fagin and Darth Vader. His fellow Republicans, far from condemning the media for this, have actively jumped on the bandwagon to score points with the establishment or improve their standing.

However, what is the real Trump like? We’ve noted in the past that he’s easily the biggest philanthropist in the 2016 presidential race (excluding Hillary’s highly corrupt and absurd Clinton Foundation), he’s demonstrated a remarkable human touch, and he even told a kid that was giving a helicopter ride to that he was Batman.

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Does this sound like the Mussolini-esque figure that’s constantly been portrayed on MSNBC to you?

And here’s further proof. This is what Donald Trump did when he was walking down a hallway and saw a young girl with one of his signs.

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Posted by Alden Morrison on Friday, December 18, 2015

Yes, there’s a man who is possibly on track to being the leader of the free world. He has kept up one of the busiest schedules of anyone in the 2016 campaign. Yet, he takes time out to sign a young girl’s poster and encourage her for her interest in American civic responsibility. The media, however, portray him as a monster.

Barack Obama should be the most busy man in the world. He vacations instead of dealing with the Islamic State group, has played one round of golf for every 10 days he’s been in office and decided to spend a day palling around with Jerry Seinfeld on the White House grounds in a ’63 Corvette. Yet his media supporters claim this shows his laid-back cool and professionalism.

We live in a remarkable time for politicians, when candidates’ actions are judged by their reputations and not the other way around. Were it any other way, Trump would be seen as the most accomplished candidate to have ever to have emerged from the private sector and Obama would be seen as the poster child for the Peter Principle, a man both temperamentally and intellectually inadequate for the office.

The world that mainstream media creates…where Obama is the hero, and anyone who goes against his way is the bad guy, is so far off truth that it’s refreshing to see first hand a side to Trump that they refuse to be brought to light.

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