See Why This McDonald’s Display Has Liberals Across the Nation PISSED

See Why This McDonald’s Display Has Liberals Across the Nation PISSED

One woman was driving by a McDonald’s and was forced to take a double look…she was ASTONISHED over what she found painted on their windows…and wanted to take a picture of it to show the world, so she did.

From Faithit:

But regardless of your stance there, no one can deny that the willingness of today’s society to overtly display the Jesus-side of Christmas is steadily on the decline. From the “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” switcharoo to replacing nativity scenes with Santa and reindeer, we’ve all seen it.

But a McDonald’s in Spring Hill, TN just did something that has shattered that politically correct mold by painting this nativity scene on their storefront window. And this isn’t just any nativity scene…



Notice on the sides that the words “His Name Is Jesus” and “Rejoice” are boldly written. One woman was so excited that she snapped a photo that has now been shared on Facebook thousands of times!
Love it!

The whole point of Christmas is the pre-existent Son of God coming down, becoming a man, living a sinless life, and then going to the cross to die on behalf of sinners.

Remove Christ from Christmas and the holiday doesn’t make any sense at all.

While the rest of the world seems to be content to pick on followers of Jesus, it’s refreshing to see this local franchise owner sharing the faith so openly.

Surprise …surprise…and a welcomed one too. Supersize THAT….Libs!

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