SERIOUSLY? Former Presidents Refusing To Attend Trump’s Inauguration

SERIOUSLY? Former Presidents Refusing To Attend Trump’s Inauguration

The fact that I even have to write this story is truly a testament to the pettiness in politics today. Only one former President has RSVP’d to Trump’s inauguration and this one actually surprised me.

You would think that despite being ideological rivals, George H.W. Bush and son George W. Bush would be willing to support the Republican Party in the White House, but apparently not so much.


Jimmy Carter, peanut-farming progressive, is the only former President who had the dignity to reserve a stop at Trump’s Inauguration.

Jimmy freaking Carter.

Of course we wouldn’t expect Bill Clinton to be there, because Trump publicly humiliated his wife, not once, but THREE times.

The Bushes are kind of a surprise, but they were also vocally anti-Trump during the campaign, so it’s not that big of a surprise.

President Obama is as petty as petty can be, so we shouldn’t expect anything more from him. However, it’s kind of sad that the current President isn’t going to even give the appearance of supporting his successor.

To be fair, the spokesman for the Bush family said that George W. Bush will decide in the new year whether he plans to attend, but apparently his father cannot attend due to his age (92). I’d say that is actually a pretty solid reason.

In any case, this has not been a traditional Presidential race, so the Inauguration will probably not be traditional either, starting with the lack of former Presidents in attendance.

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