Sex and science

by Robert Stacy McCain | January 21, 2009 10:52 am

My latest column at Taki’s Magazine[1]:

It was one of those headlines that automatically gets a Drudge link: “Wealthy men give women more orgasms[2],” the Times of London declared Sunday.
Before we launch our “Win a Dream Date With Taki” promotion, however, let’s pause to ponder the gap between what the headline said and what the researchers found.

Please read the whole thing[3]. When I was at The Washington Times, I frequently reported on the dubious “science” of sexual researchers, for example:

The whole point is that common sense generally is a better guide than “science” when it comes to sex. If you listen to these so-called “experts,” you might get the impression that it’s impossible to have sex unless you’ve memorized an anatomical chart showing the Latin names of the organs. But, as witness the 6 billion of us on the planet, human beings were successfully having sex for thousands of years before we got any guidance from “experts.”

Like I said, read the whole thing[3].

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