Sex offender says he will continue to molest children; is released anyway

by Cassy Fiano | March 29, 2009 10:08 am

Michael McGill is a sick individual. He’s been convicted of repeated sexual assaults against children, and has written letters begging to stay in prison so that he won’t harm anyone again. Yet, he’s still going to be released?

A convicted sex offender due to be released Saturday from prison after serving 11 months warned in letters that if set free, he would reoffend, even against children. In the letters, Michael McGill begged authorities to keep him locked up for life.

“Please throw the book at me … I’m harmful to others I should be locked up for life,” he wrote in block letters that resemble a child’s writing. “I will sexual abuse men. Do this for the safe (sic) of others then I be able not to hurt anyone else. Judge I’m begging you to put me away.”

In another place he wrote that he had told his two 7-year-old male victims, “I will do more sex crimes with boys 4 to 14. I will molest with boys 15 to 18.”

Neither the Polk County attorney’s office, which prosecuted McGill and distributed his letters to other agencies, nor the Iowa Board of Parole, nor the attorney general’s office, which handles civil commitments for sexually violent predators, says it can do anything to prevent McGill’s release.

McGill will at least initially be housed at the community-based Fort Des Moines Correctional Facility, which he won’t be allowed to leave without an officer’s escort. He is supposed to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet at all times and be under maximum supervision for 10 years. But is that enough?

His letters, spanning 22 pages, were obtained Thursday by The Des Moines Register. It’s unclear whether he was addressing anyone in particular. They were written at some point after his latest arrest, in April 2008. Assistant Polk County Attorney Jeff Noble got them June 13, 2008, and sent them days later to officials at the Des Moines Police Department, the Iowa Board of Parole and the Iowa Department of Correctional Services. McGill, 50, wrote that his sexual offenses date to 1976 and that there were 15 victims.

… “He apparently maintained his position – that he is a danger to others and intends to reoffend – even after he was incarcerated,” Noble wrote.

“Obviously,” wrote Noble, “these letters are relevant to placement, treatment, parole, supervision, civil commitment and possibly further investigation into other crimes.”

McGill’s letters acknowledge both of the April 2008 incidents. McGill also wrote that among other incidents he:

– Was banned in 1990 from the “Gallery book store” for soliciting sex with young men.

– Was banned from “Younkys” downtown for having sex in a restroom with another man.

– Used a compact mirror in 1990 to look at the genitalia of a child in the next stall, then crawled underneath and had forcible sex with him.

– Approached a boy from behind at a urinal at Merle Hay Mall and molested him in the mid-’90s.

The accounts are sickening and scary.

In one letter, McGill writes: “The reason why I molest boys. It give me the thrill to be in control of their penises and tell them what to do. …”

Yet all those involved in his case say they have no choice but to let him out.

Here is part of the letter he wrote:

He only completed 11 months of a 10 year sentence. There are special circumstances for civil commitment for violent sexual predators who have served their sentences yet cannot be released because they are a danger to society. However, a psychologist examined McGill and apparently, didn’t find the need for a civil commitment. Without a psychologist’s recommendation, you apparently cannot go forward with the civil commitment, even though McGill himself is begging for it. Here’s the best part: the psychologist who examined McGill also read his letters, the ones referenced above. Yet they didn’t see that this man cannot be allowed to go free??

I also don’t understand why he has been released to begin with if he has, as referenced in the story, admitted to forcibly having sex with little boys. And if was sentenced to ten years, how about starting with letting him serve out his entire sentence? Why is he being released early?

Of course, if this was in Louisiana, we wouldn’t have an issue anymore, thanks to conservative rock star Bobby Jindal and Senators Gautreaux, Amedee, Dorsey, Duplessis and Mount. Convicted child sex offenders are castrated there. And it seems to me that this guy is a pretty good candidate for castration. Maybe we should put a call into Governor Jindal’s office and see if they’ll make a special out-of-state exception for this guy.

A large part of this issue is thanks to liberal policies and mindsets when it comes to punishing criminals. Liberals love so much to sympathize with the criminal, rather than the victim, and love to feel like they can “change” criminals. Liberal policies are the ones that brought us the false promise of “rehabilitation” for sex offenders and the like. It is thanks to their love of moral relativism; there is no such thing as good or bad to them, and therefore, they can’t look at someone like Michael McGill and understand the evil lurking within. Part of the reason that we are seeing cases like this is because we have diluted the truth of what is good and what is evil. And when it comes to the safety of our families, can we really afford to do that in the name of political correctness?

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