Shame on Sean Hannity for using the “freedom” and “skills” arguments to justify Fantasy Football

Shame on Sean Hannity for using the “freedom” and “skills” arguments to justify Fantasy Football

hannityI find it very unseemly for Sean Hannity to mock the NYS AG for wanting to shut Fantasy Football.

First of all, Fan Duels is a paid advertiser of the Sean Hannity radio show. So even though admits to playing the game with his son, there’s a serious conflict of interest with every word that comes out of his mouth.

Second, the skills vs chance argument to distinguish Fantasy Football from a scratch off game is also a lame lime of defense. Any time money is wagered on a player’s performance on the field that is unpredictable, that’s the definition of gambling-period. And unless the wager is being placed in a Las Vegas gambling joint or anywhere else where gabling is allowed, outside of that it’s an illegal activity.

But, it gets worse. For Hannity to get on his high horse and gripe about how government is impinging on people’s freedom to play fantasy football is red herring of the grossest sort. How can Sean Hannity argue about illegal immigration in one breath and then extol the virtues, “it’s so much fun”, of fantasy football and totally ignore the illegality of it? He can’t be the law and order guy and the fantasy football guy at the same time. It’s hypocrisy pure and simple and conservatives like him and others need to get their arguments right. Gambling is a problem in this country and lives can be destroyed playing fantasy football.

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I’m not one for government intervention. I’m not calling for the ban of fantasy football or any other form of gambling. But, conservatives need to be consistent. If new laws need to be passed making fantasy football legal, let’s do that. Arguing that fantasy football is not gambling is an argument no conservative has any business making.

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