She Got Her Mail Every Day. When He Spots It On the Ground, He Knows Something is Terribly Wrong…

She Got Her Mail Every Day. When He Spots It On the Ground, He Knows Something is Terribly Wrong…

In today’s world, impersonal service is all-too common. However, one mailman takes his job seriously and went above and beyond to help a resident when he noticed something was amiss. His observation and his dedicated action saved her life.


A Missouri mailman went above and beyond the call of duty and it made all of the difference to a 96-year-old woman and her family.

Fox 4 reports that Chris Feldhaus, a 15-year veteran of the post office, noticed that one of his regulars had not been picking up her mail for several days. He said:

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“She’s one of those that picks her mail up every day, and I noticed after two days that it wasn’t getting picked up, and her papers were on the ground, so then, on the third day is when I looked into it.”

After knocking on the resident’s door produced no response, Feldhaus contactedthe woman’s property manager, who then called police. According to Feldhaus, the woman was found conscious, but in need of urgent care:

“‘She had fallen, and they don`t know how long she had been there, but it had been a least a couple days,’ Feldhaus adds. ‘She`s in her mid-90s, so she was unable to get up and get anything to eat or drink or even get the phone.’”

A neighbor of the victim, who also gets her mail delivered by Feldhaus, described his act of awareness as “amazing.” She added he is always friendly and that, “[y]ou don’t find many people these days that go beyond what they’re supposed to do during their job.”

It’s not often that we can label a mailman a “hero.” Sure, many are great at their jobs and they provide a much-needed service; but when we think of public servants who are heroes, we think of police and firemen and EMTs.

This man is a hero.

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