SHERIFF JOE WINS! Obama Administration Terrified…

SHERIFF JOE WINS! Obama Administration Terrified…

Sheriff Arpaio had 3 primary challenges that he just conquered and conquered gracefully. However, with him being the type of Sheriff he is in Obama’s America, that does not mean he isn’t facing the heat coming from haters on his home front.

Now he’s heading into another round to stay Sheriff…and it might not be as easy.


Via Los Angeles Times:

Arpaio easily rolled over three primary challengers Tuesday in a race the Associated Press called less than half an hour after the polls closed at 8 p.m. In early returns, Arpaio had 67% of the vote. His closest challenger, Dan Saban, had just 26%.

Now, a general election battle looms against a Democratic Phoenix police officer who came within 6 percentage points of the veteran sheriff in the 2012 election.

Arpaio’s challengers on Tuesday included a retired sheriff’s deputy, the former commander of a sheriff’s posse and Saban, the former police chief of Buckeye, Ariz.

Based on fundraising, their chances appeared dim. Combined, all three challengers raised $85,000. Arpaio has a campaign war chest of $11.3 million he’s taking into the general election.

Arpaio’s message hasn’t changed much since his salad days of corralling groups of Latino drivers as part of immigration sweeps. But he has encountered a county, state and nation in which attitudes toward illegal immigration and immigration in general have softened since his election, but for brief spikes in anti-immigrant sentiment after Sept. 11 and during the recession.

Arpaio’s waning popularity corresponds with his deepening legal problems.

After a protracted eight-year battle that included allegations that Arpaio tried to spy on the federal judge overseeing a civil case alleging that Arpaio profiled Latino drivers on immigration patrols, the 84-year-old sheriff now faces a criminal investigation into his conduct while the case played out.

The judge determined that Arpaio had encouraged his deputies to subject Latino drivers to greater scrutiny during traffic stops than white drivers typically received. The judge ordered the sheriff to put an end to that practice of profiling.

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