SHOCKING CLAIM: Obama Pardon Of Hillary Could Help TRUMP!?!

SHOCKING CLAIM: Obama Pardon Of Hillary Could Help TRUMP!?!


The country needs healing. I cannot stress that enough. The country needs to be healed. It is in shambles. I can’t even get on Facebook right now or any other social media for that matter. Violence, hate and judgment are permeating every home.

When it comes to Hillary, frankly, I am relieved that she was defeated. I think she is dishonest and a terrifying option for president. That being said, I understand the fear of Donald Trump. But we have to move forward together. Hillary is guilty. I really don’t have much of a doubt of that, but I think that Professor Banzhaf brings some really good thoughts to the table.

Should Hillary be pardoned?

Nixon was pardoned after his impeachment. Not because he was innocent, but because the country needed to move past the scandal. The country needed to heal. Likely, President Obama will offer that same course for America in regards to Hillary R. Clinton.

“The same thing might very well happen here. Interestingly, if Obama were moved to grant the pardon, it might not only help him and Hillary and the Democratic Party, but it might also help Trump,” Banzhaf speculated. “Maybe I’m naive, but I take both Obama and Trump’s statements that they want to move forward, they want to heal, they want to get rid of the divisiveness.” “Trump has said over and over and over again, a centerpiece of his campaign, that Crooked Hillary is a crook; she ought to go to jail; there ought to be a special prosecutor. I don’t know whether he meant it or not, but if he goes ahead with that, and there is no pardon, that would be tremendously divisive,” he said.

And I find myself in pretty close agreement with his thoughts. This could be the best course for the nation. Can we just wash our hands of the Clinton era and move forward?


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