SHOCKING VIDEO: Father Has Daughter Hang Outside His Car As He Drove 65mph. WHY?

by Just An American | October 21, 2015 11:16 am

A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested after he drove down a motorway ‘at 65mph’[1] while his young daughter was hanging outside his car window. This TERRIFYING act was caught on film when another driver on the highway decided to get involved!


A fellow driver spotted the girl and filmed the incident, after which the video went viral on social media in the Gulf nation and other countries.

Police were able to trace the man thanks to the video, and arrested him for endangering the life of his child and other road users.

Many people in the kingdom called on authorities to remove the girl from the family home as well as calling for the father to be ‘severely’ dealt with.

Police declined to comment on what action was being taken in the case, but one online user commented: ‘I wonder if the girl thought this was fun or whether it was a punishment?’

Another posted: ‘If anybody wants to know why the road safety record in this country is so bad, they only need to look at this video.’

It is NEVER ok to put your child in harms way, but THIS….THIS is absolutely HORRIFYING! This is no Father! This is a Monster!

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