Shot NYPD Officer Brian Moore Dies, Will President Obama send a representative to funeral?

In the aftermath of Baltimore, I think it’s a fair question considering Obama sent representatives to the funeral of a Thief named Micheal Brown and last week sent some of his peeps to the funeral of a drug dealer named FreddieGray.

So what about the hero Cop who gets shot in the face by a Thug?

NY Post reports decorated NYPD Officer Brian Moore died Monday with his stricken family at his hospital bedside — leaving an entire city awash in grief.

“It’s just a horrible day,’’ said a tearful female off-duty cop as she left a pot of red carnations and blue balloon at the 25-year-old officer’s home in Massapequa, LI.

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Officer Brian MoorePhoto: Reuters

A grim-faced Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was seen entering Jamaica Hospital as news of Moore’s death Monday afternoon surfaced, and around the same time, two cops also went in — one carrying a pair of shiny shoes and the other a police dress uniform.
Bratton later hailed Moore — who was shot in the head in the line of duty in Queens on Saturday — as one of many cops who “do a great job, often with great valor.
“It’s with great regret and sadness that we announce the passing of New York City Police Officer Brian Moore. Shield number 469. New York City police officer, hero of the city, killed in the line of duty,’’ Bratton told reporters outside the hospital.

“In his very brief career, less than five years, he had already proven himself to be an exceptional young officer,’’ Bratton said. “In that career, he had made over 150 arrests, protecting and serving the citizens of this city.

“He had already received two exceptional police service medals and two meritorious police service medals. We don’t give them out easily.”

Police-union chief Pat Lynch said that “now, we are going to take part in a sad, sad tradition’’ — carrying a cop’s casket out of a hospital.

Moore’s body taken from the hospital in an ESU truck as hundreds of cops stood outside and saluted.
A weeping woman believed to be a relative reached out and tried to touch the truck, while a crying man, also appearing to be family, saluted.

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