Shotgun Victim Who Needed a Full Face Transplant Finds Love After Years of Hiding From the Public – And Reveals He’s Learning How to Kiss Again

by Cassy Fiano | September 30, 2014 1:24 pm

Life can put us in awful, tragic circumstances, and it can be easy to find yourself shunning the world out of fear and mistrust. Richard Norris originally took this route, until the miracle of modern medicine and a chance at love let him see the light again.


When Richard Norris accidentally blew off half his face with a shotgun he was left so disfigured that he rarely ventured outdoors and was plagued by suicidal thoughts.

But now, having undergone one of the most complex face transplants in history, receiving teeth, a jaw and even a tongue from a donor, the 39-year-old has found love – but has had to learn how to kiss all over again.

Norris has found romance with 43-year-old Melanie Solis, from New Orleans, who got in touch with him by email after reading about his ordeal.

She told The Sun: ‘I see Richard as having a beautiful, kind heart on the inside – and he’s a hottie on the outside!

‘Those eyes and that smile just had me at first sight. Kissing is something we have been asked to “practise” because Richard hasn’t redeveloped the ability to “pucker”.’

Norris said: ‘I can’t have any regrets – especially now I have met Melanie. People focus too much on looks, they can be very superficial.’


It’s an amazing story, seeing the progress that Norris was able to make with the help of his doctors. But a new face doesn’t help much if your heart remains closed, and luckily, he’s found someone to help open it again.

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