SHOTS FIRED! This GOP Presidential Candidate Gone Crazy ‘Donald Trump Is A FAKE Conservative!’

by Tiffiny Ruegner | January 20, 2016 11:27 am

Which Presidential Candidate is losing their mind [1]about Trump? I will give you one hint… it’s the candidate who has looked nearly looney-toons crazy every debate he’s been in…

trump duh[2]

Rand Paul says Donald Trump is a “fake conservative,” though he won’t say the same about Trump’s newest backer Sarah Palin.
In an interview Monday evening, the Kentucky senator and struggling presidential candidate said his party needs to take a far deeper look at Trump and whether he truly appeals to the GOP’s conservative values.
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“The question for conservatives is whether Donald Trump is a real conservative or not. I think he’s a fake conservative,” Paul said, adding that he believes Trump was a supporter of President Obama in 2008. “Conservatives have to look closely at Trump’s record and decide whether he’s a conservative or not.”
Asked if Palin is conservative, Paul responded: “I’d rather reserve my comments for Trump.”

I know lots of people want to say Trump isn’t really Christian, isn’t really conservative, isn’t really Republican. But having lived in New York for a number of years I can tell you that unless you understand how a New Yorker ticks… you will always misinterpret the New Yorker. I learned that New Yorkers barely filter and rarely lie. That is why people often mistake their candor for rudeness. I don’t get dishonesty from Trump… I’m just not seeing it. If he were lying it would come across looking unnatural and he looks very natural and unfettered when he speaks… like a painfully honest unfiltered New Yorker.

I met Trump in a small group of about 10 people last year awhile before he announced his run for President. Based on that meeting and the genuine impressions I got of him there is one thing I can say about that man, Trump is a real Patriot who carries a lot of gratitude for America. Unlike leftists who are wealthy, Trump believes that ANY American can have great success in America, at least that’s what he told us in that meeting. That one ideal alone is proof that Trump isn’t a Liberal.

He doesn’t feel bad for his success and doesn’t apologize for it. He doesn’t sit around talking about how poor the poor, poor people are but he talks about opportunities. THIS is a very conservative way of thinking– Take care of America and poor people can then take care of themselves. When I hear Trump speak I see he’s trying to take care of America not Americans. His approach isn’t the most eloquent because that’s the result of being a rough and painfully honest New Yorker who hasn’t spent much time expressing himself politically.

Sorry Rand, I not only believe that Trump is a conservative who doesn’t know everything about politics but I believe him to be a Christian who doesn’t know everything about religion. I also believe him to be a stellar businessman who KNOWS everything about management and who stands MORE to lose than YOU or anyone else if America fails.

I also believe, Rand that you have lost your deck of cards… you’re looking so crazy the past 6 months. Seriously go take some lavender to at least take that crazy look out of your eye.

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