Silky phony

by Ron Coleman | May 17, 2009 2:36 pm

Remember this one? “Edwards reaffirms key political question[1].” And this, its predecessor[2].

Oh, did I get abused for this. Even by some pretty slick brains[3]. How could I be so mean.

Well. And… and… to Her.

What were my mean old words? That he was either “a liar or a moral retard.” Yea-heah[4].

Yes, now it’s as if I’m the only one left who hasn’t piled on[5] at this point.

But wasn’t that a different issue? The cancer? The suffering, saintly wife?

Not at all. It’s all of a piece. Two things:

  1. People like this are made for each other[6]. That doesn’t excuse the humiliation visited on their wives, but it does tell you something about a woman who would be with the likes of such men in the first place.
  2. Anyone who couldn’t see what a cynical, wicked phony John Edwards is — and I don’t mean a mere scamp like Bill Clinton, but an utterly soul-less, ambition driven, demagogue with a potentially unlimited capacity for unprincipled rule — from “go” wasn’t looking.

Silky pony indeed.

Originally posted on Ron Coleman[7]‘s other blog, Likelihood of Success[8].

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