SNL skewers CNN ‘pointless 80s-style’ animated graphics – but comes under fire for ‘disgusting’ jokes about Germanwings

Some days it doesn’t pay to do comedy.  SNL, over the course of one sketch, drew cheers for mocking the ridiculous and cheesy graphics CNN uses to tell stories report news, and jeers for making a joke about the Germanwings crash…


There can’t always be a TV camera rolling when the big news happens – and Saturday Night Live has taken network news to task for how they paper over the cracks.

The NBC sketch show parodied the daytime CNN Newsroom, which turned into a series of let-downs when it emerged there was no footage for the stories they were covering.

But the ingenious producers for the skit managed to cover up with abysmal animations to illustrate the Germanwings crash, U.S.-Iran diplomacy, and domestic politics.

A lot of CNN personalities chimed in laughing about the sketch as a whole.  Others, like that bastion of good taste Donald Trump, tweeted that making fund of the tragedy was distasteful.

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