Snooty Hawaiian Cafe That Says Trump Voters Aren’t Welcome Gets Roasted on Yelp

by Sierra Marlee | December 28, 2016 6:41 pm

So it’s not okay for a restaurant to refuse service to someone because of their sexual orientation, but it’s perfectly acceptable for them to refuse service to someone because of who they voted for? Is that was liberals are trying to say, here? That’s an awfully slippery slope.

Fortunately for the owners of Cafe 8 1/2 in Hawaii, conservatives are not a litigious bunch. We are, however, smart about how we spend our money, which may prove to be more damaging than any lawsuit.


The owners of a small Italian restaurant in Hawaii decided to express their bigotry in a way that could land them in some seriously hot water when they posted the following intolerant message:

“If you voted for Trump you can not eat here! No Nazis”

Aside from the fact it appears that English is not their first language, this is an extremely selfish action to take and let me explain why.

The owners of this fine eatery are not the only people relying on patronage for a paycheck. The cook and waitstaff will also suffer because of the arrogance and bigotry of these people.

Disgruntled Trump supporters took to Yelp to deliver their own brand of justice to the restaurant in the form of negative reviews.







I guess the days of just going to get a plate of decently re-heated food without having a political opinion shoved down your throat are over.

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