SOCIAL ENGINEERING: Public High School Teachers To Wear ‘BlackLivesMatter’ T-Shirts For A Week

by Sierra Marlee | October 13, 2016 8:01 pm

The teachers at one Seattle elementary school planned to wear Black Lives Matter shirts for a day last month. After their plan had to be cancelled due to “security concerns,” they decided to come back bigger than before.

Now, over 1000 teachers in the Seattle area plan to wear their Black Lives Matter garb for a week and are changing their curricula to teach the children about black activist ideology.


“It’s important for us to know the history of racial justice and racial injustice in our country and in our world and really in order for us to address it. When we’re silent, we close off dialogue and we close the opportunity to learn and grow from each other,” said teacher and organizer Sarah Arvey[2].

Who needs math and science when you can be told how much of a racist you are for simply being born to a white family?

Should I assume that these teachers will also be discussing black-on-black crime, which is rampant in places like Chicago and Detroit? Should I assume that these teachers will be discussing the roots of slavery, such as their ancestors sold them to the white people who brought them over to America? Should I assume that these children aren’t going to be taught to live within a victim mentality where everyone in the world owes them everything because their ancestors may or may not have been slaves.

If I were in the Seattle area and I knew that one of my child’s teachers was going to be pulling some crap like this, my child and I would be taking an impromptu vacation to AnywhereElseVille.

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