Social Security, Medicare Open to Illegals Under Amnesty Plan

President Barack Obama’s plan to bring illegal immigrants “out of the shadows” will make millions of them eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits and likely allow them to eventually collect more than they have legally contributed, reports say. Republicans are stunned by these developments:

“First with Obamacare we were told we should pass it and then read it to find out what was in it,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski told The Washington Post.

“Now Obama overreached and acted unilaterally on immigration, which should have been vetted and authorized by Congress, and we’re finding out there’s more to the story than Obama and the Democrats originally told Americans.”

According to a federal law signed in 1996, people who have FICA payroll taxes collected under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act can collect Social Security and Medicare when they become eligible, if they are deemed “lawfully present in the United States.”

Obama’s amnesty plan not only frees millions of immigrants from the worry of deportation, but it also allows them to legally obtain Social Security numbers and work permits. Isn’t that just peachy?


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