Somebody Needed To Say It: Our First Lady Needs Help Dressing Herself

I’m not the sort of person who generally has anything to say about how someone dresses especially since I’m certainly not going to make anyone’s “best dressed” list myself. That being said, Michelle Obama consistently wears more butt-ugly outfits than any other famous woman in America. Now, I wouldn’t even bring this up except for the fact that people keep talking about Michelle Obama like she’s some sort of fashion diva. Seriously? Come on, people would laugh at anybody else who regularly wears these sort of garish outfits,

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I know, the one where she looks like a black widow spider is probably from some famous designer and the one where she looks like a monk is probably something Lady Gaga’s cousin made for her or something — I’m just saying, give us a break on the hero worship of the Obamas. It’s bad enough that the mainstream media acts like their press flacks and that they’re on the cover of every magazine, but listening to people rave about Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is like a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

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