Son shields mom from gunfire, dies saving her in South Chicago

by John Brodgian | June 21, 2015 4:32 pm

You generally don’t think of a drug dealer out on parole as someone you would call a hero.  Yet when James Jones saw someone about to open fire, he jumped to shield his mother and save her life[1] at the cost of his own…

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When a man started shooting at Jones and his mother on the South Side, the 21-year-old covered his mother’s body with his own, shielding her and saving her life, said Dietra Luckett, Jones’ aunt.

“My sister just so happened to be coming out the front door,” Luckett said. “He took his body and put it on top of her body. He covered her body.”

Alicia Jones, 46, was wounded but survived. She underwent surgery at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

The mother doesn’t know that her son is gone, but does know that he saved her life. Her family doesn’t want to tell her while she’s still recovering. Heartbreaking.

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