She Squeezed the MASSIVE Zit on Her Back… Watch What Oozed Out

by Tiffiny Ruegner | March 28, 2016 2:10 pm

Awww THIS video… just wait until you are 1:34 into it. I could NOT tear my eyes away from this procedure!


This VIDEO was published less than a day ago and has already hit half a MILLION views! Mrs. Gold and her husband have been to Dr Pimple Popper before. They are definitely the cutest couple. Many of the comments are about how cute they are. After rows and rows of comments I ran into this little gem by luvspurple1969:

WOOHOO MY POPPIN WARRIOR CONGRATS on your AMAZING SUBS!!!!!! Also another WOOOHOOOO cause my “GOLDEN VALENTINES” ARE BAAAAACK! Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! The husband and wife…….they are SO MEANT to be together! You just DO NOT see ABSOLUTE LOVE and DEVOTION and HUMOR like that anymore! Aaaaah so WONDERFUL to be reminded of my gran and paw paw’s marriage!!!! They SO SO SO remind me of them….may they rest in peace!!!! As usual GRRREAT AMAZINGLY AWESOME VID! I too think you did an AMAZING job on “Mr. Gold’s” nose! You can TELL it’s gonna look FREAKIN AMAZING once it heals!

Enjoy the video HERE…

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