Stepmother Says Helping Her Partner Rape His 2 Young Children Was The ‘Best Of Her Life’

Stepmother Says Helping Her Partner Rape His 2 Young Children Was The ‘Best Of Her Life’


Cinderella’s stepmother has absolutely NOTHING on this nightmare.

This woman played a pivotal role in the abuse and horrific treatment of her two stepchildren. Both the daughter and son of the man she married were treated like animals and objects by her husband and she played a vital role in facilitating the treatment.

When she was under oath, she was recorded as having said that her time in helping her husband torture these children was the “best of her life.” She claims it was taken out of context and that she was being sarcastic, but how can someone ever joke about these atrocities?

‘That was said or meant in a sarcastic manner’, said her lawyer to the judge.

‘It’s obviously not the most appropriate way to address such questions but (she) seems to deal with stress and difficulties in perhaps an unusual way by making a joke or trying to laugh things off’.

Even after this defense, the judge is not buying it. He seems just as disgusted as I am. There is absolutely no excuse for the horrors committed here. And to joke about them in an effort to minimize the horror is absurd.

‘There has been no acceptance of her conduct, and in my view there is very little scope for leniency’, Judge David said.

‘I can’t have any confidence in any prospects of rehabilitation or suggestion of remorse, particularly in light of what she has said. Sarcastic or not’, the judge concluded.

They will receive their sentences on the sixth of December, but in the meantime it is not looking too fantastic for either the woman or her husband, who is being sentenced for rape and child abuse. The judge does not seem too friendly
or sympathetic to their causes. Thank heavens, this is horrific.


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