Still Think It’s All About The Oil?

You Still Think It’s All About The Oil?: I think the left-wing “this is all about oil” whackos will find these numbers interesting.

According to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration (Adobe Acrobat File). We now get 7.9% of our oil from Saudi Arabia and only 2.2% of our oil from Iraq. In fact, the whole Persian Gulf produces a paltry 11.1% of our domestically consumed oil. Compare that to the combined 17.6% of our oil that we get from our two biggest suppliers, Mexico and Canada. Even that % pales to the 41% of our oil that we produce domestically.

So if the left-wing kooks out there who think the ‘War on Terrorism’ is really a cynical excuse to go out adventuring for oil are right, then why are we not trumping up an excuse to invade Mexico & Canada instead of Saudi Arabia and Iraq? For that matter, why are we even bothering to invade anyone at all to secure access to a mere 10% of our domestically consumed oil that we can already buy at our leisure? Just because the Gulf War was fought over oil, doesn’t mean EVERY war is about oil…

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