Store Clerk Shoots and Kills Robbers But The Police Are Saying He Shouldn’t Have — And It’s a TERRIBLE Reason

by John Brodgian | July 14, 2015 7:59 am

A convenience store getting robbed in a bad neighborhood isn’t really newsy or Earth shattering. But in this case, two happened on the same day in different states…and with different results. ¬†First, Houston[1]…


A convenience store clerk turned the tables on two suspected robbers Monday evening when he fatally shot both as they apparently tried to rob the store.

The shooting happened at the Super-K convenience store on Beechnut street near Jorine drive. Police said one suspect is still on the run.

Surveillance video showed the men racing out of the store almost as quickly as they ran inside.

Local police advise clerks who are in similar situation to give in to the demands of the robber, but the owner says that every is armed because of how dangerous the neighborhood is. I’ll take my chances firing back and defending myself.

Why? Because here’s what happened on the same day in Georgia[3].

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  3. here’s what happened on the same day in Georgia:

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