Straight ‘A’ Teen, Murders His Mother And Little Brother Execution Style – Then Blames His Dad! [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | December 2, 2016 2:37 am

A mother and her young son were found shot to death in their own beds in their New Stanton home Wednesday morning. The son and brother of the victims, 14 year-old Jacob Remaley[1], is being charged in connection with the double shooting. The boy is facing charges of first-degree murder and criminal homicide, leaving the small community in which they live in total shock.


At the address of the 1100-block, Thermo Village Road, around 7 a.m. in the morning, emergency officials received a call to respond. The call came from inside the house and soon after help arrived, they discovered the bodies of 46 year-old Dana Remaley and 8 year-old Caleb Remaley.

Trooper Stephen Limani spoke of what he saw:

“There was a female, Dana Remaley, and her son, Caleb, found deceased in the residence. It appears they were both shot in the head…We feel very comfortable that we have the person in our custody.”

A neighbor, Patrick Lacey, shared what he knew about his neighbors:

“They more or less kept to themselves. There was never anything that was a red flag to us. We live right next door, with just the church between us, but no never.”

Caleb had been a 3rd grade student in the Hempfield Area School District and his mother worked as a personal care assistant in that same district.

Trooper Limani continued:

“This is a very horrific time, a very difficult time for this particular family and the community here in New Stanton. To have two individuals shot in their home while they are sleeping, it’s very traumatic.”

At first, Jacob Remaly claimed that his father had left a loaded gun in his bed before he went off to work that morning, but later investigators were able to get a confession out of him. He claimed that he took an empty gun from on top the fridge, loaded it and used it to kill his mom and brother, claiming he would have shot his Dad too, if he had been home.

There are still so many questions that need to be answered and first and foremost, Why? There was no indication that anything was wrong. Was it in a fit of rage? How could a 14 year-old boy have so much evil in his heart that he kills his own mother and little brother?


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