Student Who Stomped On The Flag Wants To Kill All White People

by John Brodgian | May 24, 2015 9:19 am

You’d think a student who stomps on the American Flag would be a measured and well reasoned individual. Yet surprisingly[1]…


Eric Sheppard, the Valdosta State University student who was confronted last month by an Air Force veteran after he stomped on the American flag, has issued a violent 4,700-word anti-white rant in which he threatened to “annihilate those who come after me.”

Sheppard is wanted by police after they found a gun in his backpack days after the flag-stomping demonstration. In his lengthy letter, submitted to The Valdosta Daily Times this week, Sheppard said he will not surrender and will use violence if necessary.

Apparently this guy has supporters who are also taking the #EricSheppardChallenge, where to show their support they take pictures of themselves stomping on the flags. Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

  1. Yet surprisingly:
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