Students at Oberlin Upset School Will Not Cancel “F” Marks For Blacks Students Who Didn’t Study Because They Were Protesting Ferguson

by McGuire | December 18, 2014 8:03 pm

Maybe you should go to class and take your finals if you don’t want to fail. I guess you really can’t fix stupid….


Via Inside Higher Red:
“I would really like to see the normal grading system suspended for this semester and replaced with a no-fail mercy period. Administrators should require professors to exercise complete flexibility in what students are saying they can produce academically.
Require that every professor listen to what their students are saying and if that means rather than writing a paper students instead meet with their professor to simply discuss in groups their paper topics or if tests are taken collectively with professors there are ways to make sure we are learning what we are supposed to be learning in ways that are not so taxing in times like this. Students in this moment should have complete access to alternative modes of learning while we process what’s happening.
Basically, no student especially black students and students of color should be failing a class this semester. A ‘C’ should be the lowest grade students can receive this semester. Professors should be required to work with students, who would otherwise be at risk of failing, to create alternate means of accessing knowledge.”

Or go to class and STUDY. Just sayin’, I never expected anyone to hand me anything in college, and these folks shouldn’t either. Get a life.

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