Suggest Things You Wish You’d Known When You Were 18

I’m sure you’ve heard somebody say, “If I only knew what I know now at 18….” Well, what I’d like to do is take some of that wisdom that the people reading this blog have, distill it down, and put it out as an article.

To do that, I’ll need some suggestions for things from you. So, how about telling me some of the things, great and small, you wish you had known at 18. For example,

* It’s lefty-loosey, righty-tighty when you’re unscrewing something.

* When men have a problem and they tell you about it, they want to know how to fix it. When women have a problem and they tell you about it, they just want you to listen.

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* Don’t open a hot radiator cap.

How about giving me some suggestions in the comments? If all goes well, this should turn into a big article for next week.

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