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by Ron Coleman | July 5, 2009 2:56 pm

ScottOttHeadTransparency[1]My fellow blogger Scott Ott, the man behind the inimitable “Scrappleface[2]” but in real life the executive director of a non-profit organization serving children, is seeking to become the next Lehigh County, Pennsylvania Executive. His campaign[3] is premised on the idea that his years of business experience have prepared him to take bold action to reduce taxes, cut spending and lead to what he calls “a customer service revolution in county government.” Without knowing more, most of us agree that almost any disemployment of any incumbent is good for American these days.

Scott makes his case in much more detail on his site. Like you, I haven’t been to Lehigh County too much lately. But I do know Scott and his work and his view of things, and I think this moment presents a great opportunity to see what the righty-side blogosphere can do for one of its own and for the common weal. In the process we can also make a little history by demonstrating what bloggers and their readers — whether we think of ourselves as “citizen journalists,” soldiers in an “army of Davids,” or just mainly a bunch of wiseguys — can actually do politically, in a focused and local way, and perhaps take us to the next step of initiating real change from the very grass roots up.

I’m involved in this because Scott and I have been shmoozing about his campaign (we met while on Pajamas TV duty ever so briefly) and I was amazed he didn’t have a blog-support strategy mapped out. Well, maybe now we do. It’s not fancy. He needs buzz, he needs moral support, but guess what — most of all he needs money. So:

There are essentially three ways that a blogger can participate in this campaign.

1) Put Scott’s widget banner on his/her blog and promote it to blog readers. It will look like the one on my left navigation bar.

2) Have Scott create a special page about his campaign site for his or her readers and friends and then link to it in a blog post or email. For example, here’s the page he created for me[4].

3) Simply give to his campaign and encourage others to do so without participating in the tracking. Here’s the link for that[5].

If you want the Otties to track your site’s donations, and then have it be part of horserace results, then he just needs a name, and email address, phone and zip.

I’m mostly the messenger. Scott’s going to take your email responses regarding what you’re willing to do. I’m willing to work the network, but I’m not a campaign manager or hardly anything besides America’s Hardest Working Orthodox Intellectual Property Law Blogger and Sometimes Lawyer, though who knows — this could be my ticket to Lehigh County glory, too.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll help Scott’s campaign out by donating and arranging with him to set your blog up to support him, too. I think that besides doing so for the right reason — Scott’s a good guy and a great American — I think we could all end up big winners by making this happen.

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