“Not Sure When @SenRandpaul became a Doctor…” Young CBS Producer Deletes Mocking Tweet of Rand Paul’s Medical Opinion

by McGuire | October 18, 2014 1:12 pm

Sadly this is what passes for representation on our news sources:


From NewsBusters:[2]

It never hurts to Google search your ridicule targets. “Wait, is Rand Paul actually a doctor?” It might make more sense after you discover Rand Paul’s father Ron Paul is also a doctor. It’s easy to think tweets are so quick to dash off, and quick to vanish into the Internet ether, who needs research for a tweet? It’s tough to get noticed on something so basic, one of the first three or so biographical facts that would come up about Rand Paul.

Ya think? Hello, girl, Google has been around FOREVER! This is not rocket science, but hey, maybe it is for you. idiot.


NOTE: (Because I research this stuff- concept!)

Conrad later tweet-pologized.


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